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Get your MINI mojo back.

So your cherished MINI has a few years and a ton of fun on the clock. Keep it purring with pleasure with MINI Value Service a competitively priced maintenance and service programme for MINIs x years and older. Choose from a range of services with transparent costs tailored to your car’s age, carried out by experienced MINI technicians using MINI Original Parts to keep its resale value healthy.

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Top ways to rejuvenate your MINI.

Engine oil.

It's not only your motor that'll run smoothly. The MINI engine oil service also takes care of the air-con (new micro filter) and the brakes (parking light check). For more details, check out the overview below.

MINI Brake Pads. MINI Front Brake Discs.
Front brake discs.

Stopping a MINI Cooper S in full flow requires amore braking power than stopping a MINI one. That's why MINI Brake Discs vary to suit each particular MINI model. Made of top-quality materials, they interact perfectly with MINI Brake Pads. Further details can be founding the overview below.

MINI Front Brake Pads.
Front brake pads.

MINI Brake Pads are tailored to suit each specific MINI model and, together with ABS and traction control, guarantee optimal functionality, even in extreme situations such as driving down a steep mountain road. What's more, they're asbestos-free, which makes for a healthier environment all round. Check out the overview below for more information.

MINI Batteries. MINI Auto Start Stop.
Battery replacement.

Original MINI Batteries provide the necessary energy to get your MINI engine up and running. But only when they're officially registered following the battery change will all the efficiency and comfort functions (e.g. Auto Start Stop and stationary heating) be guaranteed to remain available.

MINI Inspection I.

Rigorous inspection and maintenance of the electronics, bodywork, engine, wheels, brakes and lights of your MINI. Includes all necessary Original MINI Parts and fluids, an engine oil change (incl. new oil filter and micro filter) and fresh brake fluid. The overview below contains more detailed information.

MINI Inspection II.

This comprehensive inspection gives you the full low-down on your MINI. Contains all the services from Inspection I plus other inspection and maintenance offers, incl. all necessary liquids and Original MINI Parts. The overview below contains more detailed information.

Full service range.

The à la carte menu of all our services, including top-quality MINI Original Parts guaranteed for two years.

MINI Inspection I
MINI Inspection II
New front brake pads
New rear brake pads
New front brake discs
New rear brake discs
New brake fluid
New air conditioning microfilter
Engine oil service
New front suspension struts
New rear shock absorbers
New air filter
New wiper blades
New battery
New clutch
New spark plugs
New starter
New water pump