Your perfect MINI is just a few clicks away, but we want to help you select the model that best suits your needs. A key factor that’s often overlooked when deciding on a vehicle is its dimensions. Knowing the exact measurements is crucial. This guide has been designed to let you discover more about the all-electric MINI Cooper and give you some reasons why these things are good to know.

MINI All-Electirc - three quarters – dimensions MINI All-Electirc - three quarters – dimensions MINI All-Electirc - three quarters – dimensions
MINI all-electric - dimensions – parks and garages


If you own a garage, you want to make sure your MINI will fit properly in the space you have. And not all garages are the same size. The new all-electric MINI Cooper is 3,858 mm long (Cooper S, 4,036 mm), has a width of 1,928 mm (at side mirrors) and a height of 1,460 mm.


The turning diameter of a car is the minimum space it needs to make a circular turn (i.e., a U-turn). The new all-electric MINI Cooper has a turning circle of 10,8 m, so despite the extra space it still offers nimble manoeuvring through city streets and heavy traffic and its excellent visibility lets you know exactly where its extremities are.

MINI all-electric – dimensions – turning circle
MINI all-electric – dimensions – wheels and rims


Our range elegant or sporty alloy wheels will greatly enhance your ride and give your new all-electric MINI Cooper a very individual look. Just select your engine performance and we’ll offer you a choice of suitable winter and summer wheels.

The size of the wheel is subjective as it really depends on your taste in design and your priorities. But if you are driving on bumpy roads, both 16" and 18" wheels will give you a smooth ride. 18" wheels look fantastic, but they weigh a little more which might affect fuel consumption. Why not ask your preferred MINI dealer for more information – and maybe take a test drive or two to see and feel the difference?